Lou Maiellano Joins CSD’s Tobacco Webcast

Management Science Associates (MSA) and Paradigm Sample, in partnership with Convenience Store Decisions, are teaming up to offer a free Webcast tomorrow that will examine the purchasing habits of adult tobacco consumers at U.S. convenience stores.

The tobacco industry continues to face challenges on multiple fronts, namely ongoing legislative initiatives and the ever-present high rate of taxation. These persistent issues coincide with a stalled economic recovery and rising fuel and consumer goods prices.

To arm retailers with up-to-date information, MSA and Paradigm Sample launched the Convenience Consumer Insights Panel (cciPanel) to capture buying habits and attitudinal information among shoppers by maintaining an ongoing dialogue with them about their purchase decisions in convenience stores. Convenience Store Decisions is the exclusive media partner for cciPanel.

cciPanel conducted custom research between March 28, 2012-April 12, 2012 specifically among adult c-store tobacco users to learn what products they are buying, what segments they are purchasing and how taxes and additional legislation are influencing their tobacco consumption.

The results of this exclusive research will be presented in a FREE TOBACCO WEBCAST on June 28 at 1 p.m. Don’t miss this must-attend industry event as researchers from MSA and Paradigm Sample profile today’s tobacco customer, emerging trends in this crucial category, what products customers are buying and what they expect from their local convenience store.

Tobacco consultant Lou Maiellano will also be a featured speaker providing expert analysis retailers need to manage this crucial category.

Results from this exclusive survey include completed responses from 503 adults (21 years and older) who reported purchasing tobacco products at a convenience store at least once within the past 90 days. The survey was conducted nationally with respondents balanced across U.S. Census regions. Tobacco products were defined as cigarettes, moist smokeless tobacco, cigars, little cigars, RYO, snus and all other tobacco (spit free, dissolvables and chew).

Also, as part of the study, cciPanel examined a recent shopping basket among tobacco users to gain insights into what other items were purchased, as well as to assess if these purchases were planned prior to entering the store.

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