Tri-State Petroleum, Marathon Petroleum Partner

Marathon is supplying branded fuel to all Tri-State Petroleum locations.

Tri-State Petroleum Corp., a family-owned convenience store operator and wholesale distributor of motor fuels in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, is has entered a new brand relationship with Marathon Petroleum Co. (MPC).

MPC will be supplying branded fuel to all of Tri-State Petroleum’s convenience store locations. Tri-State Petroleum customers can expect to see MPC’s name and logo on the canopies and street signs at these locations in the coming weeks and months. 

“At Tri-State Petroleum we have always valued the strong relationships we’ve forged with vendors, suppliers and other business partners,” said Colleen McGlinn, CEO of Tri-State Petroleum. “That’s why we’re so pleased to announce a new brand relationship with Marathon Petroleum Co. Partnering with MPC will enable us to offer many benefits to our customers, including quality fuel, competitive fuel prices and new customer loyalty programs.”

“This new partnership with Marathon Petroleum Company is just one of many positive changes on the horizon for Tri-State Petroleum this year that will enhance our brand and our customers’ experience,” added McGlinn.




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