Flash Foods Captures Real Returns In HR Automation

“Hiring managers give feedback on how much faster they are able to complete the interview and hiring process,” says Flash Foods’ director of training.

Flash Foods, a self-sustained convenience store chain with more than 195 locations throughout Georgia and Florida, and PeopleMatter, a comprehensive talent management solution specifically designed for the convenience store industry, have announced results from the companies’ partnership.

With PeopleMatter’s integrated Platform, Flash Foods streamlines internal HR processes. The convenience chain has increased training completion by 73% and saved hiring managers 3,980 hours.

In expansive, growing companies, it is uncommon to manage all aspects of business internally. However, Flash Foods prides itself in managing everything, including internal administration of fuel, restaurant, grocery and motor oil transport, and real estate design, building and management. Partnering with an outside vendor to provide a service was uncharacteristic of the company. However, once Flash Food executives reviewed the capabilities of PeopleMatter’s talent management solution, it was determined the company could easily maintain internal control of the HR processes using the software.

The company saw rapid results after implementing PeopleMatter HIRE in June 2011. HIRE, saves time for Flash Foods managers by simplifying and automating hiring processes, including application sorting, onboarding and interviews. With integrated hiring assessments and background checks the company is also able to quickly and easily identify the top candidates to bring in for an interview.

PeopleMatter talent management solutions also played an important role in the company’s 40% decrease in turnover over a five-year period of time. The company improved applicant quality and experienced a 5% drop in turnover the first three months after implementing PeopleMatter solutions. In the same time period, PeopleMatter’s easy-to-use tax credit software increased Flash Foods’ tax credit submissions by 195%.

“Our team’s response to PeopleMatter is incredibly positive,” said Cheryl Kelly, Flash Foods director of training. “Hiring managers give feedback on how much faster they are able to complete the interview and hiring process. And our employees love being able to log in and read policies that relate to their job rather than hunting down a book locked in an office.”

Flash Foods views its employees as the company’s “Lifeline to Success.” The chain recently restructured its training program to enhance the learning experience for the Flash Foods team. Previously, the program consisted of 16 hours in a training center doing paper work and orientation, followed by 24 unstructured hours of “in store” training. Less than 30% of employees completed the training, and “in store” hours lacked consistency.

With PeopleMatter LEARN Flash Foods is better able to track and deliver consistent training—while ensuring 100% completion by employees. Under the new program employees complete 40 hours in training stores with courses the company purchased or designed to use with LEARN. The cloud-based software also helped Flash Foods complete required safety training four months ahead of schedule.

“PeopleMatter is the rubber band that holds us all together,” said Kelly. “As a trainer, it allows me to distribute current information to the entire workforce at once, and then track the results.”

“Flash Foods is one of our clients whose feedback has played a major part in how the PeopleMatter Platform has evolved,” said Nate DaPore, PeopleMatter president and CEO. “They were early adopters and we are honored to have them as part of the PeopleMatter family.”




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