Ryko Solutions Drives Into Summer

Revenue building enhancements, such as changes to SoftGloss MAXX, Radius, Pulse and Conveyor, increase wash counts and trim costs for car wash operators.

Ryko Solutions Inc., a full spectrum car wash equipment, chemicals and service supplier in North America, is ready for a summer of increased wash counts, reduced costs, and more profitable car washes for its operators. 

From its signature SoftGloss and Radius products, to the new Pulse and a refocused Conveyor, Ryko is all about growing car wash operator profit this summer.

New with the Soft Gloss Maxx

The SoftGloss MAXX has always been the top selling touch unit in the marketplace and it continues to exceed expectations.  A large part of that success comes from continuing to listen to and act upon customers’ ideas for attracting more consumers and therefore more revenue.

“The newest innovations for SoftGloss MAXX do just that, such as providing a wider brush opening in order to accept duallies (dual-wheel vehicles) and the implementation of a lower profile bay plate that improves the overall look of the bay,” explained Doug Roush, director of product marketing for Ryko.  “With this franchise product for Ryko, we are on a constant pursuit to build new innovations that will help satisfy our goals of building a more profitable car wash for our customers.” 

New with the Radius HT High Throughput

Ryko has also made substantial improvements to the Radius, its  touch-free vehicle wash system.  With a defined focus on the system’s throughput, Ryko has released the Radius HT (High Throughput).  This next generation product now has an additional five side ultrasonic vehicle positioners, as well as a new variable frequency drive (VFD) on the machine’s arm.

 “We’re improving the speed of the wash by up to 25%,” explained Roush. “The faster the wash, the higher the throughput, and the better the revenue for the car wash operator. Best of all, the exceptional wash quality that our customers have come to know and expect of the Radius is preserved. We are able to provide these improvements while maintaining the superior cleaning and high-performance chemical delivery that our customers love about the Radius.”

A key component of that exceptional cleaning experience is Ryko’s CleanCut 360. 

Designed for high performance, this presoak is made of a non-corrosive alkaline formula that is extremely hard water tolerant.  These attributes help instantly cut through tough road soils.

New with the Pulse

One of the most exciting systems to debut in some time is the Pulse, which is debuting this summer as Ryko’s answer to the market’s need for a low-cost wash system that still offers a quality car wash experience.

“This system is perfect for the new to the industry or self-serve operator who might be looking to test out the potential of an automatic rollover,” Roush stated. “The Pulse is like the baby brother of the Radius—it has the same DNA.  We use the same type of technology found in the Radius; it has the Halo Rinse, the Ultrasonic Vehicle Positioning, and the same high-pressure cleaning technology. We’re able to offer a superior wash quality at a very aggressive price point and give the new start-up or low volume car wash operator the best possible ROI.”

New with the Ryko Conveyor

Finally, Ryko has taken advantage of its 20+ years of experience as a supplier of short-application tunnels and conveyor technology to advance its compact conveyor system which can fit into a bay as short as 30 feet. The Ryko Conveyor offers a higher throughput than a rollover, as well as the ability to shut down different components of the conveyor in real-time operation to keep downtime to a minimum. It features industry-leading CleanTouch brush technology, which delivers thorough and safe washing and superior cleaning results.

“These developments go back to our desire to help the customer build the most profitable car wash possible,” Roush emphasized. “This is perfect for the operator who has a high-volume site and needs to upgrade their offerings to offer a better throughput while still maintaining wash quality. A lot of the technology used in our Ryko Conveyor is found in the SoftGloss—so customers are already familiar with the superior cleaning ability of this system.”

Ryko Solutions’ primary focus is creating maximum profitability in car wash operations for gas/convenience stores, private investors, land developers and auto dealers.  Headquartered in Grimes, Iowa, the company has been in operation since 1973.




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