Propel Works With Eco-Energy For Renewable Fuel Supply

Propel Fuels can focus on its “core mission of fueling progress” more often by working with Eco-Energy as its main supplier of fuel.

Propel Fuels, a leading retailer of renewable fuels and clean mobility solutions, announced it entered an exclusive supply agreement with Eco-Energy, a distributor of renewable fuels, to reach the company’s E85 demand the next three years.

Integrating the producer-to-pump supply chain is expected to reduce the cost and complexity of distributing and storing renewable fuels.

Matt Horton, CEO of Propel Fuels, said the agreement will help the company focus more on its core mission of fueling progress. He said Eco-Energy will provide the best value to customers.

“They are the perfect fit for us as we plan and execute the expansion of our fueling network,” Horton said.

Eco-Energy is the third-largest renewable energy marketer in the country. With more biofuel producers across the U.S. Eco-Energy can help to meet Propel’s growing demand for domestically-produced, low-carbon E85 ethanol in California and future markets.

“Propel’s dedication to providing drivers with access to high-blend renewable fuels through a superior fueling experience is unmatched in this industry,” said Chad Martin, CEO of Eco-Energy. “We are proud to join them in developing this growign market.”

Propel operates a network of Clean Fuel Points (CFP), green-built, self-serve filling stations located at existing gas stations, and Clean Mobility Centers (CMC), which introduce renewable fuels (flex fuel E85, biodiesel blends) alongside conventional fuels (gasoline, diesel) that drivers use today.

Propel is based in Redwood City, Calif., and operates 27 gas stations across the West Coast of the U.S. It expects to open as many as 200 stations throughout the next five years.


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