RaceTrac Hosts New Feedback System

RaceTrac learns what its customers want through its new feedback program with Mindshare Technologies.

RaceTrac Petroleum Inc. teamed with Mindshare Technologies, a feedback management provider, to roll out a new guest survey program for its stores.

The feedback system allows RaceTrac to continuously gather feedback and respond to the customer’s needs in real-time to make guests’ lives simpler and more enjoyable.

“The launch and overwhelming response to RaceTrac has been fantastic,” said Mark Reese, vice president of operations for RaceTrac. “Since our roll-out on March 1, we’ve received more than 55,000 customer reviews, which we have been able to utilize to make immediate improvements in the stores for our guests.”

Guests can now provide feedback on every visit to a RaceTrac store. They can learn more about the program at the bottom of their receipts or on the RaceTrac Website.

RaceTrac launched a pilot test of Mindshare’s software in 2011, and measured the program against several Guest Satisfaction system providers before deciding to partner with Mindshare. Reese said Mindshare’s approach to feedback management and the flexibility of the technology set the company apart from other software providers.

Mindshare also approves of the new partnership with RaceTrac.

“They already have the track record and the people in place to provide an exceptional customer experience, so adding a program that delivers immediate guest insights for the front-line store team members to act on directly puts the company at a serious advantage,” said Lonnie Mayne, chief experience officer for Mindshare Technologies.

RaceTrac operates more than 325 c-store locations in five southeastern states.


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