Eco-Cigs Prepares for Retail Expansion

Industry veteran Roger Grogman joins the Illinois firm to help guide its expansion strategy into new sales channels.

Eco-Cigs, Inc., a leading electronic cigarette company, has hired Roger Grogman as their Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Grogman will be responsible for the expansion and growth of the Eco-Cigs brands within opportunistic retail channels.

“The experience and knowledge that Roger has of the overall industry, and particularly the category and business channels we are targeting for Eco-Cigs Brands, will contribute significantly to our growth and expansion,” said Steve Glasberg, President and CEO of Eco-Cigs, Inc.

Grogman is a former Corporate Vice President of Marketing for the McLane Co. with more than 15 years of experience in marketing distribution to convenience stores, wholesale clubs and drug stores. Prior to his time with the McLane Company, Roger spent 18 years in National Marketing with Southland Corp. (7-Eleven), where he garnered extensive experience in program development and execution. His responsibilities included brand development, management, research, advertising and strategic growth planning.

Grogman believes that “Eco-Cigs’ consumer preferred quality brands, combined with the increased interest in tobacco alternatives and product education, will provide a growth platform for Eco- Cigs’ expansion that will benefit the retailer and the consumer,” he said.

Eco-Cigs, Inc. is a leading supplier of electronic cigarettes that are both eco-nomical and eco-friendly. Their Eco-Cigs and Sapphyre Electronic cigarette brands are available in both rechargeable and disposable formats. Eco-Cigs and Sapphyre are trademarked electronic cigarette brands in both menthol and tobacco with a variety of different strengths of nicotine.


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