Jiffy Mart Welcomes Dogs To The C-Store

Jiffy Mart partners with All Paws of CCSI International Inc. to give customers at one of its stores pet-washing services.

Some Jiffy Mart customers can take their pets with them on their next stop since the company expanded its services to offer a self-serving pet wash station at one of its stores.

The Jiffy Mart located at 1 Magna Way in Westminster, Md. plans to open a pet wash station Wednesday for customers to was their pets while visiting the store.

“This will allow pet owners to keep their pet clean between visits to the groomer without having the mess at home,” said Dwayne Cover, business manager for Jiffy Mart.

Cover said a six-minute wash costs $5, and quarters can be added for extra time. There is a washing tub with disinfectant, warm water sprayers, pet shampoos, pet conditioner, pet deodorizers, flea and tick treatment, pet vacuum and a pet dryer in a small building.

The machine is intended for dogs, but can be used on any pet in the station.

“Although the company does not specialize in pet grooming, we are excited about adding the Jiffy Pet wash as another option for pet owners to quickly wash their pets,” said Tom Moser, general manager.

Jiffy Mart came up with the idea for the pet wash station while attending the Kleen Rite Car Wash Show. Moser said there was a pet wash on display, and he liked the concept.

“We took the idea from that trade show and started looking around for help and came across All Paws Pet Wash based in Chicago when at the NACS Trade Show last year,” Moser said. “We thought this would be an opportunity to branch out a little bit.”

Jiffy Mart, a division of Tevis Oil, opened its first store in 1981 and currently operates four stores in Carroll County, Md.


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