Rutter’s Offers More Options On Its Menu

Rutter’s Farm Stores puts two new products on its lunch and dinner menus to give customers more choices.

Rutter’s Farm Stores, based in York, Pa., plans to please its loyal customers with the addition of steak chips and quesadillas to its lunch and dinner menus to further help retain and gain customers.

The company’s new steak chips are made fresh-to-order from thick-cut potatoes. They are fried and served in a 2.5-ounce bag. Customers can choose from four seasonings: garlic, steak, sea salt or old bay. Customers can also purchase nacho cheese, marinara sauce, ranch and ketchup for dipping sauce with the chips.

The new quesadillas come with a shredded cheese blend. Customers can choose between chicken and steak options, then add a variety of vegetables to the quesadilla. Each quesadilla comes with a cup of salsa on the side, and the option of paying a few cents more for sour cream.

Rutter’s was recently voted as having the Best Quick Service Lunch in the Best of York contest. The addition of steak chips and quesadillas might help the company to further improve customer satisfaction with its foodservice.


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