Speedway’s Wireless Convenience With Revol

Customers gain “new level of support and convenience” from Speedway as it teams with Revol Wireless, says Joey Holibaugh, Revol VP of Sales.

Speedway has partnered with Revol Wireless to offer phone service cards and wireless products at its 355 stores across Ohio and Indiana.

Speedway is the fourth largest chain of company-owned and operated gasoline and convenience stores in the U.S., and Revol Wireless thought this would be a great way to expand sales.

“Speedway customers will now be exposed to our unlimited, no-contract product offering, which helps individuals and families save monthly over traditional wireless providers,” said Joey Holibaugh, Revol vice president of sales.

Revol Wireless subscribers can purchase the service card amount they need from their local Speedway stores from $20-$75 to satisfy the monthly payment. Speedway will also offer customers with a Revol Messaging Phone at a discounted price of only $34.99 with the purchase of a Revol $45 service card. 

Customers who are involved with Speedway’s Speedy Rewards loyalty program will receive 1,500 Speedy Rewards points with the purchase of this phone package.

Speedway currently operates 1,350 stores in seven states throughout the Midwest, including Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia and Wisconsin.


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