DIGIOP Enters Strategic Partnership With Retail Realm

New partnership brings POS integration capabilities and advanced video analytics to Microsoft RMS customers.

DIGIOP Inc. has announced a strategic partnership with Retail Realm, an innovative distribution company that offers retail-focused software solutions through a global reseller network.

DIGIOP Inc. is an agile software development company that provides intelligent integration of video and data. DIGIOP’s powerful video and data management software (VDMS) is the very first to provide Retail Realm’s Microsoft RMS customers with the ability to integrate video with data from point-of-sale registers, people counting devices and other data sources valuable to a retail manager.

This deep integration of the DIGIOP ELEMENTS VDMS with POS data from the Microsoft RMS platform provides Retail Realm customers with a powerful tool to generate real-time insights about their business.  In addition to detecting fraudulent transactions at point-of-sale and providing immediate access to the related video for verification, the integration of video and data will empower retailers to improve operations, optimize merchandising and store layout, enhance customer service, reduce theft and merchandise shrinkage and increase profits.

 “We’re very excited for the opportunity to demonstrate the power of video and data integration to a broader range of Microsoft RMS customers, so they can gain greater business intelligence to help optimize their businesses,” said Rich Mellott, president of DIGIOP.  “DIGIOP ELEMENTS was specifically designed for applications such as retail, to provide business owners, managers and loss prevention teams with a single interface to access business-critical data, and provide real-time notifications and forensic analysis tools to prevent loss, improve operational efficiencies and enhance the customer experience.”

DIGIOP and Retail Realm will combine their efforts to deliver the integration benefits to an international audience as well, leveraging existing teams and successes from both companies to expand their product offering outside of the U.S. on a more robust, worldwide scale.

To learn more about DIGIOP visit:  www.digiop.com.


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