CITGO Rewards Visa Cardholders In Summer

CITGO and Visa work together to reward customers with a $15 gift card for choosing their companies.

CITGO Petroleum is launching CITGO Good Rewards, a summer promotion that allows customers to earn CITGO gift cards after eight purchases of $20 or more on a Visa card enrolled in the program.

From June 1 to Sept. 20, the program plans to increase store traffic, volume and sales in all CITGO markets.

“We know that summer is an ideal time to offer incentives for consumers to shop at their local CITGO,” said Alan Flagg, general manager of light oils marketing for CITGO. “One of the great benefits of the CITGO Good Rewards program is that it encourages consumers to come back again and again to earn rewards for gasoline purchases. The benefit to our marketers and retailers is the simplicity of a turnkey promotion.”

The program uses the Visa Offers real-time messaging platform to confirm qualified purchases, and it keeps account holders up-to-date on their progress toward earning a gift card. Customers can enroll online at and register three eligible Visa cards. After the eight purchases are made between June 1 and Sept. 20, customers receive redemption instructions for a $15 gift card.

“We designed a program with CITGO that offers value to Visa account holders and CITGO marketers and retailers without creating an administrative burden,” said Leigh Amaro, head of media and advertising solutions for Visa Inc.

Marketers and retailers don’t need to keep track of purchases or provide gift cards. Visa will track the purchases, and CITGO will fulfill the rewards. The program also works with any POS equipment and there is no participation cost.

CITGO will advertise this program through television and radio starting in June, as well as provide Point of Purchase materials for the retail locations. 



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