Gas Stations Settle In Clean Air Act Lawsuit

Washington, D.C.-area gas stations face violation fines with the EPA.

Six D.C.-area gas stations have settled in a case alleging that they violated Clean Air Act regulations.

Samad Corporation with CITGO, two Anacostia Realty with Exxon, Shirlington Petroleum Realty with Exxon and Springfield Petroleum Realty with Shell were all involved with the case.

The Clean Air Act regulations require “gas stations to install and maintain anti-pollution devices, called vapor recovery control systems, for their underground tanks and gasoline dispensing pumps and to minimize and clean up spills” after Environmental Protection Agency inspections in November 2011, the EPA reported in a press release Wednesday.

According to the EPA, all six stations have agreed to pay more than $8,800 total for violations made. Each store will pay between $1,400 and $2,100 for the settlement. The stations reported that they are all in compliance with the vapor recovery control requirements in the agreement.

The EPA reported to WUSA that it wants to continue to inspect gas stations.


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