Acumera Offers C-Store Connections Package

Acumera wants to prepare convenience stores better for PCI audits and network management with the new C-Store Connections Package.

Acumera, a leader in trusted connection services for retail organizations, announced Wednesday at the NACStech conference that the company created the C-Store Connections Package.

The new package is an integrated platform designed to help with convenience store operations and management. It combines the new third generation Acumera Merchant Gateway, new PCI Tools in the AcuVigil Dashboard and new applications for the Machine-to-Cloud Integration Engine. The package aims to reduce costs, provide live data feed to assist in overall operations and simplify the process of PCI audits.

Acumera Chief Technical Officer Brett Stewart said the new package will reduce complexities with the PCI audit process, which is critical to convenience store leaders.

“PCI compliance is about more than having a compliant network,” Stewart said. “It’s a complex, on-going process that requires time, energy and commitment. Acumera’s goal is to provide tools to speed PCI audits, enabling our customers to focus on running their businesses.”

The package has three main industry interests in mind: visibility, connectivity and security.

“Business and security threats are real and increasing,” Stewart said. “Attackers on the enterprise are skillful, and getting more so with each passing day. Employing a technical and compliance methodology that is equally dynamic is essential to being vigilant in both the security and overall operations arena.”

Specific features of Acumera’s C-Store Connections Program include broadand management, new merchant gateway, secure network development and implementation, AcuVigil Dashboard features, Machine-to-Cloud Integration Engine, virtual private network management, aggregated network management, network operations center support and new PCI tools.


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