Tobacco-Less Buzz From Nicotine

Altria releases a new smoking product that contains no tobacco.

U.S. tobacco giant Altria Group Inc. moved into uncharted territory this week as it released the Verve: a tobacco-less nicotine product.

The maker of Marlboro plans to launch a non-dissolving, lozenge-shaped nicotine disc called Verve in the next several days. It’s the latest advance by Big Tobacco into experimental smokeless products amid falling sales for traditional cigarettes.

Instead of containing tobacco, the Verve will feature a mint-flavored disc that will provide nicotine extracted from the tobacco. The product will be marketed with milder health-warning labels than those on cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.



  1. Chris C says:

    I hope it has better velocity than the RJR attempt at something similiar…

  2. Unbelievable, considering nicotine may have more negative effects on your body than tobacco. My stomach is ripped apart from the nicotine building up in my stomach from over twenty years of smoking. I now smoke nicotine free, tobacco free cigarettes, which have no negative effects on my stomach and are far less harmful than any nicotine or tobacco cigarette. It is rare to find these cigarettes in stores though, so I have to order them online. I t would be convenient if I could pick them up locally. Just please beware of these nicotine products people. The health effects can be very painful. Trust me, I know.

    • Terri Sweeney says:

      Johnny, nicotine does NOT build up in your stomach or anywhere else. 

      Burning any cellulosic (plant) material generates virtually all the same carcinogens as burning tobacco, save some of the heavy metals and tobacco specific nitrosamines.

      You are not doing yourself a favor by smoking anything.

      In Sweden, where millions have switched from smoking to snus, lung cancer, COPD and cardiovascular diseases are falling fast, now the lowest in the world. 

      Nicotine is not the problem, SMOKING is the problem.

  3. Matthew T Hayes says:

    Well I tried Varve and it was pretty good, but I tried to get more of the product and no one seems to stock it they are only letting sheezt sell it and they never have it stocked so I gave up on that stuff and found another product that I am happy with

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