Advancing Car Wash Technologies

  Mark VII Equipment Inc., U.S. subsidiary of WashTec AG of Germany, announced two new products at The Car Wash Show in Las Vegas. SoftLine MT leverages Mark VII tunnel technology to a 35-foot rollover bay with a mini-tunnel that can wash as many as 50 cars per hour. It includes an integrated presoak system, wheel and sill brush, triple foam applicators, rinse and wax arches, tire shiner, 40hp or 60hp dryers, controller and motor control center. Mark VII also introduces its WheelJet option for its SoftWash XT, AquaJet XT and ChoiceWash XT rollovers. The WheelJet extends at a nine degree angle with a longer stroke to improve centering on wheels of all sizes.


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  1. 50 cars per hour! Wow, that’s awesome!
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