Shell Helps Customers Save At The Pump

Consumers enjoy regular savings on high-quality fuel with grocery rewards programs.

Fuel prices are top of mind for many consumers and finding ways to save at the pump continues to be a priority. That’s why Shell is reminding consumers that they can turn their everyday purchases on groceries into significant savings on high-quality fuel at participating Shell stations.

A recent study by the Convenience Consumer Insights Panel found that fuel savings programs are one of the ways consumers are looking to stretch their dollars. In fact, 89% of consumers responded they are motivated to shop more at grocery stores or other stores that participate in rewards programs, according to Convenience Store Decisions, November 23, 2011.

Today, consumers in 130 markets across the country have enjoyed more than $200 million in fuel savings at over 8,000 Shell stations participating in grocery rewards programs.  More than three million consumers are currently redeeming rewards at Shell to save at the pump by participating in programs across the country with a variety of grocers including BI-LO, Copps, Pick ‘n Save, Rainbow, Lucky (Northern California), Save Mart, S-Mart Foods and Winn-Dixie. While grocers and offers vary by market, consumers can expect to earn rewards that save either five cents per gallon for every $50 or 10 cents per gallon for every $100 spent on qualified purchases.

Saving on fuel through these loyalty rewards programs is easy. Consumers simply shop at their participating grocers, and when they use their grocers’ rewards cards on everyday qualifying purchases, they also earn rewards. These rewards can then be redeemed for savings at participating area Shell stations on New Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines and Shell Diesel.

“At Shell, we understand that consumers are looking for smart and easy ways to get more from their everyday purchases without sacrificing quality,” said Dan Little, Shell North American Fuels marketing manager. “That’s why we are pleased to see so many consumers already taking advantage of these rewards programs as we look forward to expanding them this year.”

In 2009, Shell was the first major fuel brand to offer consumers the opportunity to earn significant fuel savings by teaming up with leading grocers across the country. Shell continues to look for ways to offer consumers even more value for their money without sacrificing the quality of fuel and is teaming up with Excentus, a provider of marketing programs and services utilizing cents-per-gallon fuel savings as the ultimate consumer reward, to help consumers save even more at the pump.

Later this year, Shell and Excentus will launch the Fuel Rewards Network program, a revolutionary rewards, program developed and operated by Excentus, that will allow consumers across the country to save significantly more at the pump by expanding the ways they can earn rewards. The Fuel Rewards Network program will allow consumers to combine or “stack” rewards earned from everyday purchases like groceries, clothing, dining out and more. With the ability to stack multiple rewards, consumers can lower their own price for fuel at Shell through their everyday purchases.




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