BP Signs New England Fuel Distributors

Agreements with two fuel distributors cover two-thirds of the 218 BP-branded sites formerly supplied by Green Valley Oil.

BP has signed contracts with two New England fuel distributors to supply independent BP-branded gas station operators in the region.

Lehigh Gas Corp. has agreed to supply 69 BP-branded stations in Massachusetts and 19 BP-branded sites in New Hampshire. In addition to the Lehigh contract, BP has entered into an agreement with NECG Holdings/CPD Energy to supply 40 BP-branded retail stations in Connecticut, 10 sites in Rhode Island and two additional BP sites in Massachusetts.

These agreements cover about two-thirds of the 218 BP-branded sites previously supplied by Green Valley Oil. BP supply and logistics staff continue to work at identifying distributors and making the necessary changes to arrange for fuel deliveries to as many of the remaining 78 sites as possible.





  1. Hi how do i find out who is the distrubutor for BP Gas stations in the Bronx, NY?

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