Mandatory Receipts at Convenience Stores?

A Philadelphia City Councilman wants to make receipts mandatory at all convenience stores in the city.

Philadelphia City Councilman Curtis Jones told CBS News that he is frustrated that not all convenience stores readily offer receipts. Some, he said in the report, are hoping to keep cash transactions off the records.

Jones, in the report, claimed the benefits of mandatory purchase receipts are twofold: they hinder any tax-dodging efforts by convenience stores that deal mainly in cash, and they make sure customers don’t have problems with exchanges.

“It’ll document and memorialize the amount of receipts going through some of these small stores. And it will assure consumers (of) their ability to exchange goods in a reputable way, so it doesn’t create conflict.”

Jones says mandatory receipts would also hinder minors who are trying to buy tobacco products.

“Not allowing minors to purchase things like cigarettes and blunts, because it shows up on a receipt.”

When asked by CBS News if the City Council has the power to require receipts at convenience stores, Jones said it does because of the city-specific sales tax.

“We can ask for receipts based on the fact that we levy taxes against those receipts,” he said.



  1. Kimberlycsmith says:

    I agree, where do I sign the petition?

  2. DGLawman says:

    What a crock. Ok, ring ever sale and give everyone a receipt.  At the end of the day, do a $500 void or refund. Bingo, unrecording sales because no auditor will look at every report. 
    And what are people buying blunts for?  Not to smoke them as such.  Outlaw those guys.

  3. this will slow down the process and add cost to every transection for paper and ink .. If goverment spand money wishley  they won’t have budget shortage … operate like business … i always see city workers one working 5 watching him working…. first person to go it one who is working because he is bottom of chain…. 

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