Tedeschi Debuts Sparkling Waters

The new proprietary line provides customers with a beverage that is flavorful as well as healthful.

Tedeschi Food Shops has released a new line of proprietary Tedeschi Select Sparkling Waters.

The 20-ounce line of calorie-free, caffeine-free and sodium-free waters are available in four unique flavors: Raspberry Blackberry, Kiwi Strawberry, Key Lime and Wild Cherry.  Tedeschi Select Sparkling Water is available as single serve bottles or in four packs.

“We value this opportunity to provide customers with a high quality beverage that is both flavorful and healthy,” said Steve Monaco, director of category management for Tedeschi Food Shops. The company looks forward to introducing more proprietary Tedeschi Select products in this same health-conscious vein.

Rockland, Mass.-based Tedeschi Food Shops Inc. operates 190 convenience store locations throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.




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