Satisfy Between-Meal Hunger

RITZ CRACKERFULS is now wrapped up in a striking new look designed to grab attention and boost between-meal snack sales. Ninety-five percent of consumers indulge in a snack at least once a day, either between meals or in place of a meal, according to Technomic Snacking Occasion Consumer Trend Report, 2010. RITZ CRACKERFULS offer an easy snack upgrade option that appeals to consumers who are looking for something more substantial at “snack time.”  The daily consumption of foods that label a healthy benefit or ingredient—like real whole grains and real cheddar cheese—has nearly doubled in the last decade, according to NRN, March 2010. RITZ CRACKERFULS provides a delicious link between the tasty snack options consumers want and the high-volume turns operators need. Contact your Kraft sales representative to find out how you can satisfy your need for premium snack products like RITZ CRACKERFULS, and help consumers “Get Hunger Before Hunger Gets Them.”

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