Natural Cigarette Alternatives

Bluegrass Blends USA has introduced Rockfield Natural Cigarette Alternatives with no tobacco, no nicotine and no nitrosamines. Rockfield Natural Cigarette Alternatives sell for up to 70% less than traditional cigarettes and provide a low-cost alternative for consumers seeking relief from the high cost of traditional cigarettes. Benefits include no costly MSA tobacco taxes and higher profit margins for your store. The product is available in three popular styles: Rockfield Red 100s, Rockfield Gold 100s and Rockfield Menthol 100s, and is ready for market, having been consumer tested and well received.  Test market stores sold out in less than 30 days. Rockfield Natural Cigarette Alternatives offer consumers freedom from nicotine addiction as well as from the harmful effects of nitrosamines normally associated to tobacco, as they continue to enjoy the activity of smoking. Retailers also can reap additional profits from 54% of current smokers who have a desire to quit, as Rockfield may also be used with other cessation aids to fulfill the customer’s need to engage in the activity of smoking while breaking free of nicotine addiction.

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