Lil’ Drug Store Products Wins Award

Lil’ Drug Store Products Inc. reinforces its local commitment and leadership with “Here’s to Your Health” program for employees.

Lil’ Drug Store Products Inc. (LDSP), a multinational company that pioneered the non-prescription drug market and revolutionized health and beauty care in the convenience, grocery, drug, and mass market retailing sectors, has received recognition for promoting health and wellness among its employees.

Lil’ Drug Store Products’ “Here’s to Your Health,” a comprehensive worksite wellness program designed to encourage healthy lifestyles and behaviors for employees, has received the 2012 Linn County Worksite Wellness Award in recognition of its success and effectiveness.

Begun in 2009, “Here’s to Your Health” offers LDSP employees free onsite health assessments, supported by such activities as a free monthly session with a professional wellness coach and discounted gym memberships with lunch-hour workout sessions encouraged.

Employees receive an incentive of a $200 wellness bonus based on their success at improving health or maintaining health from year to year and at participating in wellness activities.  “Success” is defined by such metrics as management of weight (shown by body mass index), blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.  The program has more than achieved its goal of 80 percent participation, with 88% of all employees now involved in the various activities.

“We are passionate about promoting health and wellness for our employees and their families, and the ‘Here’s to Your Health’ program is above all about helping our people take charge of their health and lives,” said Suzy DeWolf, director of health & wellness of LDSP and co-owner of the company.  “That kind of self-care mirrors the products we sell to retailers all around the country and the world.  We’re gratified that our efforts have been given this recognition for leadership among Linn County employers, because we believe it embodies the right things for a company like ours to do.”

Examples of wellness activities that are offered as part of the program illustrate the support that employees and their families receive to live a healthier lifestyle:

·         The “Lil’ Drug Olympics” encourages individuals participate in competitions for prizes in such activities as ping pong, hula hoops, basketball, Frisbee golf, batting cages, obstacle courses and more.

·         The “Maintain, Don’t Gain Challenge” involves friendly competition among teams to avoid holiday weight gain while competing for prizes.

·         “Stress-Less Fest” offers onsite massages, hourly drawings for a stress-reducing prize and tips on how to manage stress in everyday life.

Other aspects of the program that encourage healthy behaviors and lifestyles are a tobacco-free workplace campus, incentives for healthy cooking and eating, encouragement of walking and other exercise while reducing sedentary time spent watching television and wellness points for involvement in everything from local road races to charitable activities.  Regular newsletters with tips on nutrition, fitness and health offer guidance and encouragement to participants.  Direct participation in the program by senior executives encourages other LDSP team members to be involved, and program activities are continually reviewed and updated to keep participants enthusiastic and engaged.

Although activities are intended to be enjoyable in order to maximize participation, the real objective is improved healthcare results for all participants.  Since the program began, the number of employees with a non-controlled chronic condition has been cut in half, while the percentage of employees identified as “healthy” has climbed from 25% to 80%.

The most recent “Maintain, Don’t Gain Challenge” resulted in 99% of participants maintaining within 1% of their body weight or losing, with a combined total of 82 pounds lost over the holidays.

“Our team is the foundation for all our success.  What has built this company is the incredible dedication and commitment of every person in the company, right from the start,” DeWolf concluded.  “We have invested in the ‘Here’s to Your Health’ program because the things that matter most to our company are our people and the people of Cedar Rapids.  We will remain committed to our wellness effort because it truly makes a difference in people’s lives and truly embodies our mission as a company.”


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