Shell’s Smart Driving Program Kicks Off

The Taylors will drive throughout the 48 contiguous states to demonstrate improved fuel efficiency.

As global energy demand continues to rise, Shell is helping to improve energy use for transportation through Smarter Mobility.

Demonstrating that improved fuel efficiency is possible today, the Shell Smarter Driving program helps inform motorists on how to make the most of their fuel purchases and our natural energy resources. As current diesel and gasoline fuel efficiency record holders, the Taylors kicked off their ultimate fuel efficiency road trip in Houston this past weekend to see how far they can go in an unmodified hybrid vehicle.

The Taylors and Shell are teaming up once again to set another lowest fuel consumption record while driving solely with New Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines along their 23-day route, in which they will stop at Shell stations to fill their tank and share tips on how to drive more efficiently. This year, they also put Pennzoil Platinum 0W20 under the hood, a full synthetic lubricant designed for hybrid engines. 

In August 2011, the Taylors completed their 23-day, 48 contiguous U.S. state tour and achieved an astounding average of 64.42 miles per gallon in an unmodified, non-hybrid gasoline vehicle by using tips from the Shell Smarter Driving program and using Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines exclusively along their route.

The Shell Smarter Driving program and the Taylors’ latest record attempt will demonstrate how anyone can drive smarter by performing proper vehicle maintenance, changing driving behaviors, and using  high-quality products at the right price through money saving programs.

The Taylors are known worldwide for their Fuel Academy, where they travel the world educating motorists on ways to drive more effectively and efficiently. With 89 world records, 43 for fuel economy, between them, Helen and John Taylor are considered the world’s most fuel efficient drivers. Shell has been teaming up with John and Helen Taylor for many years as the official fuel of their record attempts to travel the farthest distance with the least amount of fuel.

”By setting out for another fuel economy record using practical tips, we’re excited to show everyday motorists how they can become more fuel efficient drivers through the Shell Smarter Driving program,” said Helen Taylor. “Since 1982, we’ve been educating others about how to drive more efficiently and how they can reduce their fuel consumption and maximize efficiency. We are confident that we’ll set another record on this tour while offering consumers easy tips to save money on the road and at the pump.”

The Taylors will drive throughout the 48 contiguous states before celebrating their finale in Houston later this month. Along their journey, the Taylors will record official stops at Shell stations to fill their tank and share their learnings, smarter driving tips, and ways to save on fuel.




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