Team Oil Leaps into Foodservice

Team Oil Inc. yesterday completed a six-month construction addition to its flagship Team Oil Travel Center in Spring Valley, Wis., opening the doors to expanded facility that includes a Subway franchise, enlarged deli area, new restrooms and a large dining area.

Eric Huppert, president and general manager of Team Oil Inc, said the company will also extended its hours of operation to accommodate more foodservice customers and help meet growing need for convenience in the market. Customers will be able to order fresh foods daily from 5 a.m. until 10 p.m. The 15,000-square-foot travel center employs more than 30 residents of the Spring Valley area.

Click to view a video about Team Oil’s operations.

The completion of the addition is the result of five years of planning. During the six months of construction, owners Eric and his dad, Tony, contributed over 2,000 man hours and over 150 hours of their equipment time to the job’s general contractor to get the construction completed. Erip Huppert also completed a week of training at Subway’s training facility in Connecticut last November to prepare for yesterday’s grand opening.

More than 90 surveillance cameras and 80 LED security lights were installed for the public and employees safety.

To attract customers to the facility, Team Oil takes a cue from one of its competitors– Wall Drug’s–by running several promotions, such as offering free water to travelers and providing 10 Free RV overnight parking sites, complete with water and electricity.

With more than 150 paved parking stalls and acres of green space, Team Oil Travel Center offers averages 650 customers a day and generates more than $4 million in gross sales annually.

“We have continued to grow and expand even during the latest recession,” Tony Huppert said. “What started out over 60 years ago as a lumber mill providing jobs for the residents of Spring Valley, now has been transformed into an oasis for travelers.”

Team Oil Travel Center’s location makes its success understandable. More than four million people live with in one hour of the center and approximately 450,000 tourists visit the Spring Valley area recreational attractions each year.


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