BP Stations Running Out of Gas in New England

A fuel distributor with ties to Getty Marketing has been cutting back on deliveries over the past few weeks causing more than 200 BP gas station owners across New England to struggle to keep their doors open. Some have started to run out of gas altogether.

All of the region’s BP stations have been affected, including more than 100 in Massachusetts, said Matthew LeLacheur, executive director of the New England Service Station and Auto Repair Association Inc., a trade group in Billerica, Mass. that has been working with station owners.

The problem, LeLacheur told The Boston Globe, likely stems from financial issues at Green Valley Oil LLC, a Rhode Island gasoline supplier under contract with Getty Petroleum Marketing Inc., the New York company that holds the leases for the region’s BP stations. Getty Petroleum filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy late last year.

The problem is isolated to BP stations. Gasoline supplies are plentiful in the region.

“It appears there’s financial difficulty with Green Valley Oil and that financial difficulty may have caused problems for Getty Petroleum,” LeLacheur told The Boston Globe. “Green Valley isn’t talking. Nobody has been able to find out exactly why they are in as tough a shape as they are … [but] they’ve been doing half loads, intermittent loads. They haven’t been able to get gasoline to these guys.”



  1. Foreshakespere says:

    It is just becoming evident that all oil majors sold their stations that were loosing money, artificially inflated the rent programs to their dealers to show the banks “high income  rent” and  hid the papers with the support of NRC bidding process. The banks and real estate trust will take a beating with their investment. This is bigger  than the housing crisis supported by stupid appraisers and bank brokers.

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