Thorntons Celebrates Earth Day

Customers have a chance to win free flex-fuel for a year.

Thorntons has rolled out its Flex-Fuel Earth Day Promotion, where customers who drive flex-fuel vehicles can enter for a chance to win FREE Flex-Fuel for a Year.

Of Thorntons’ 166 gasoline and c-store locations in Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee, currently 63 offer flex-fuel.

The Thorntons Flex-Fuel promotion, which coincides with Earth Day on Sunday, April 22, began April 2, and runs through Sunday, April 30. Customers can enter the contest by simply logging onto the Thorntons Website at, and filling out the necessary information.

By signing up, customers will automatically receive a free $5 Thorntons Flex-Fuel gift card (good for flex-fuel purchases for flex-fuel vehicles only).

Since 2006, Thorntons has been offering E-85 Flex Fuel. E-85 Flex Fuel is a fuel mixture of 85% ethanol and 15% petroleum. It is a renewable fuel source that reduces harmful environmental emissions and provides multiple economic benefits.

Today, the vast majority of domestic ethanol is produced from corn, an abundant and renewable grain. E-85 as an alternative fuel has experienced tremendous growth in the last 10 years. The growth is due primarily to the fuel’s many benefits as a renewable fuel that helps create a cleaner environment, boosts the U.S. economy, creates jobs and reduces oil imports.

This promotion is supported and sponsored by the Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky Corn Growers Associations.



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