Fresh & Easy Offers Pink Slime Swap Meat

Customers swap meat purchased at other retail stores for ground beef from Fresh & Easy that they can trust to be pink slime free.

Customers disturbed about the rampant use of pink slime, which has been making headlines recently, were invited to swap ground beef bought from other retailers at Fresh & Easy’s “Pink Slime Swap Meat” on March 28.

Fresh & Easy never has, and never will, use the ammonia-treated filler known as “pink slime” in its ground beef*, the company said.  It offered customers a chance to bring fresh or frozen ground beef from another retailer to any Fresh & Easy and exchange it for a package of fresh&easy (80/20) ground beef—no questions asked. In addition, Fresh & Easy is encouraging customers to take to Facebook and Twitter to share their experiences using the hashtag #SwapMeat.

“It’s understandable that people would lose confidence in food retailers because of the use of pink slime,” said Fresh & Easy CEO Tim Mason. “Fresh & Easy has never been about shortcuts or fillers—just high-quality fresh food that we produce ourselves, so we know it’s the best.”

As other retailers scramble to remove pink slime from their shelves—one USDA scientist claimed that 70% of all ground beef sold in stores contains pink slime— Fresh & Easy is reminding customers they can always get fresh quality products they can trust.

Fresh & Easy grinds all of its own meat, using only fresh, never frozen beef. All of Fresh & Easy’s products are made with high quality ingredients, and contain no artificial colors or flavors, high fructose corn syrup or added trans fats.

*Equivalent to the amount being returned up to two pounds. Limit one pack per person, while supplies last.


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