Sheets Welcomes Chris Paul

Sheets Brand Energy Strips has announced the addition of four-time NBA All-Star Chris Paul to its roster of brand partners. Paul joins a premier group of athletes and entertainers, including LeBron James, Amar’e Stoudemire, Drake and Pitbull in the effort to help spearhead the brand’s marketing, advertising and promotional initiatives. As part of the partnership, Paul has introduced the brand’s new flavor, Mint Boost, currently available in stores nationwide and directed his own Sheets commercial. Sheets also launched a national Facebook competition where fans could submit their creative take on Sheets’ highly publicized advertising campaign. The winning ad will be aired nationally on TV and in movie theaters. Sheets Brand Energy Strips are paper-thin, individually wrapped, dissolvable pocket-sized strips. Sheets Brand Energy Strips by PureBrands LLC are distributed to the convenience industry through a partnership with Convenience Valet.
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