FIN Electronic Cigarettes Launches Nationwide Ad Campaign

“With these ads, we definitely want to evoke memories of a time when smokers were not literally kicked to the curb,” says chief branding officer for Finiti Branding Group.

FIN Electronic Cigarettes has launched a brand awareness campaign with full page ads in Rolling Stone magazine.

The campaign features a series of full-page print advertisements showing settings like a bowling alley, a bar, an office, a sports stadium, and, as in this week’s Rolling Stone magazine, a classic diner. The headline is a simple, Welcome Back.

Unlike its traditional combustible counterparts, FIN Electronic Cigarettes produce no smoke, odor, ash, or tar. FIN has zero secondhand issues, paving the way for smokers to make their way back into restaurants, bars and other public venues.

“With these ads, we definitely want to evoke memories of a time when smokers were not literally kicked to the curb,” said Greg Owsley, chief branding officer for Finiti Branding Group, purveyors of FIN. “While electronic cigarettes have been on the market for several years, we found no brand was really taking the cultural reigns and presenting smokers and non-smokers alike with the life-altering potential of e-cigs. We wanted ads that reinforced the exceptional quality of FIN as much as the dramatic improvement FIN can make in a smoker’s quality of life.”

The ads appear in the April and May issues of Rolling Stone magazine—a signal to the marketplace that the Fin Electronic Cigarettes revolution has begun. FIN’s integrated branding campaign is reaching 24 million smokers through print, social media, digital and events.




  1. FIN may not realize that the new anti-smoking campaigns now promote “out of sight, out of mind” type of mentality.  One by one health departments and city counsels all over the country are adding e-cigarettes to their smoking bans. Not for health reasons, but because they don’t want children to see smoking or vaping behavior.  Perhaps if FIN has enough money to promote their product in Rolling Stone, they could find some money for consumer groups like CAASA or National Vapers Club which work tirelessly to stop these bans and promote tobacco harm reduction.

    • E-Cig Fan12345 says:

      trust me…unlike many of the other e-cig companies they have a lobbying team working to reform many of the restrictions and regulations on e-cigs

  2. Ryan Norcross says:

    So the Simpson’s Episode about Tomacco has come true. All they needed was an e.

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