New Lemonade Combinations

Once trumpeted as the drink of summer, lemonade is flexing its versatility and causing stores to clear shelf space and take notice year round. Single-serving lemonade sales are up more than 11% in the past year. MADE Drinks Co.’s original MADE Lemonade has been on the market for almost a year. Now the company is rounding out the lineup with three new organic lemonade offerings. MADE Half & Half is the first organic green tea-lemonade combo on the market. It’s a fresh organic take on the classic refreshment typically made with black tea and lemonade. The company is also rolling out MADE Blackberry Lemonade created with organic lemon and blackberry juices, while MADE Pink Lemonade contains no artificial colors. All three MADE Lemonades are launching in four major markets with a suggested retail price of $1.99 a bottle.
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