R.J. Reynolds Introduces Camel SNUS Mint

R.J. Reynolds has announced the expansion of its Camel SNUS line, now available in select retail outlets in a Mint style.

Camel SNUS Mint is the latest innovation from the brand known for transforming tobacco, giving adult tobacco consumers the freedom to “Break Free” and enjoy tobacco pleasure on their own terms.

Offering innovative smoke-free tobacco products for adult tobacco consumers to enjoy, Camel SNUS is expanding its offerings with Camel SNUS Mint, now available in select retail markets. Previously, it was  available only in the Minneapolis St. Paul area since the first quarter of 2011.

Camel SNUS Mint offers adult tobacco consumers a traditional mint style, with a proprietary blend of various mint flavors. The addition of this style further broadens Camel SNUS’s portfolio, with mint being a long-established category in smokeless tobacco.

As trends in tobacco use change, Camel is transforming by offering adult smokers options, like Camel SNUS Mint, to consider switching to.





  1. Bigdaddyfigs says:

    Mint flavored poison, Yeah!

  2. Kay Johnston says:

    Is there a guarantee against mouth, lip, throat and gum cancer with the new mint snus?

  3. The pack looks so nice…and it’s minty too…my favorite flavor…woo hoo…I’m going to turn in to a smoker right now.  If only there were people out there who could stop people like me from doing ill to myself…if only.

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