InformationWeek Recognizes DIGIOP

InformationWeek reports on Big Tech Ideas for retailers in 2012.

InformationWeek Magazine has named DIGIOP’s video-enhanced business intelligence platform as one of the 10 Big Tech Ideas for Retailers for 2012.

The magazine recognized DIGIOP for its ability to provide retailers with powerful tools to help “track store traffic and optimize every square foot” of their retail space.

The publication called out DIGIOP’s video and data management solution for its ability to help retailers apply analytics to store traffic patterns in order to evaluate key customer behaviors, such as “where they’re browsing, how well they’re converting, where they’re waiting for service.”

InformationWeek highlighted DIGIOP’s ability to seamlessly integrate data from the retailer’s point-of-sale device to provide powerful insight into the sales process.  According to InformationWeek, “With as few as two cameras placed in strategic locations, DIGIOP says it can heat map and traffic-analyze your store.  It also integrates with cash drawers and point-of-sale systems to give precise insight into conversion rates, the effectiveness of merchandising and promotion plans, and more.”

DIGIOP’s customizable solutions are designed to help retailers leverage the combined intelligence from surveillance video, data collection devices, and value-added analytics to provide real-time customer insights to improve customer experience, store profitability, and operational efficiency.  The DIGIOP solution is currently employed across a broad range of industries, including retail, finance, banking, healthcare, education, government, transportation and commercial real estate.

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