Shell Begins Gasoline Giveaway Promotion

Shell is hosting several “No Other Gasoline Protects Better” Gasoline Giveaways across the nation to celebrate the launch of its new Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines.

With advanced engine technologies increasingly coming to the market and consumers keeping their cars longer, Shell recognizes it is becoming more important for consumers to protect their vehicles from lower-quality gasolines that can cause harmful carbon deposit build-up or “gunk.” That is why the Houston-based oil company is celebrating its newest formulation that is designed to protect critical engine parts from performance-robbing gunk.

Through the surprise gasoline giveaways, lucky motorists will have the opportunity to try the new Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines for free. The new formulation delivers 20 percent more active cleaning agents than before, and is designed to protect the engine’s intake valves and fuel injectors from performance-robbing gunk.

“The ‘No Other Gasoline Protects Better’ Gasoline Giveaways give us an opportunity to celebrate the launch of the new Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines which help consumers protect their investment in their vehicle, typically their second largest investment,” said Dan Little, North America fuels marketing manager for Shell Oil Products U.S. “We also understand that consumers are concerned with rising prices at the pump and want to remind them of our commitment to value through our various reward and payment card programs designed to help them save on fuel without sacrificing quality.”

The Shell “No Other Gasoline Protects Better” Gasoline Giveaways will be held today at a select Shell station in three major U.S. cities for a special 90-minute promotional period. A fourth “No Other Gasoline Protects Better” Gasoline Giveaway will be announced on March 21.

The select Shell station and start time in each city will be announced through a local radio station at 6 a.m. local time and through the On the Road tab on the Shell Facebook page. Qualifying vehicles that arrive at one of the designated Shell stations within the promotional period will receive up to 15 gallons per vehicle of regular-grade, new Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines for free.


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