iSIGN, ADCENTRICITY, Team to Target Customers

Partnership drives customer engagement at point of decision at MAC’s convenience stores.

Deepening its long-term relationship selling the Mac’s Couche-Tard digital network with a combined offering with iSIGN, ADCENTRICITY now provides retailers with the first-ever end-to-end value solution.

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc., a provider of interactive mobile advertising solutions that serves advertisers, manufacturers, retailers and advertising agencies throughout North America, and ADCENTRICITY, a global location-based content delivery provider, have enhanced their strategic partnership to drive additional consumer engagement at point of decision.

Combining iSIGN’s analytics with ADCENTRICITY’s predictive targeting tools, advertisers have detailed metrics on all sides of the consumer buying decision process for the first time in Canada.

“We are excited to deepen our relationship with iSIGN and continue to represent Mac’s Convenience Stores Inc.’s chain of convenience stores, while enhancing our point-of-decision offering to advertisers,” said Rob Gorrie, president and founder of ADCENTRICITY. “Now, advertisers can target consumers like they have never done before and receive real-time feedback. This combined offering will change the way brands advertise in Canada,” added Laurie Freudenberg, chief operating officer of ADCENTRICITY.

According to Global Industry Analysts Inc., the global market for Location-Based Advertising (LBA) is projected to reach $12.8 billion by the year 2017. With mobile Internet gaining in popularity and the proportion of smartphone sales increasing, LBA market holds enormous potential. Partnerships like that between iSIGN and ADCENTRICITY are critical to the success of LBA in Canada.

“iSIGN has targeted March 15, 2012 as the date to begin broadcasting to shoppers’ mobile devices with a potential audience reach of over 1.5 million confirmed mobiles with real-time delivery and redemption of coupons and loyalty benefits,” stated Alex Romanov, iSIGN’s CEO.

“Customizing creative to align with consumers and receiving real-time feedback is the way of the future,” added. Romanov. “We are pleased that we can grow our relationship with market demand to better serve advertisers and Canadian brands.”

Using proprietary tools, including ConsumerSync, ADVenue and ContextualEyes, ADCENTRICITY provides localization, contextual content and distribution, offering advertisers predictive targeting. Ultimately, these tools allow brands to sell by location—the very place the customer is at—using digital place-based video, in-store video, geo-based media, in-store radio, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi shopping apps. Through its ongoing relationship with iSIGN, ADCENTRICITY helps advertisers make instant connections with potential consumers.



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