Ricker Oil Launches Rewards Program

Ricker’s Rewards card connects to customers’ checking accounts, so they can use the card like a debit card for discounts on in-store and gasoline purchases.

Ricker Oil Co. is launching a rewards program this week to drive traffic and help customers battle escalating gas prices, the Indianapolis Star reported.

The Ricker’s Rewards loyalty program offers discounts on items such as doughnuts, coffee, fountain drinks and milk, as well as up to 10 cents off per gallon of gas purchased at any of Ricker’s 50 locations statewide.

Customers can enroll by picking up a rewards card at any Ricker’s location and activating the account at RickersRewards.com. To join the rewards program, customers must be at least 18 years old and have a U.S. checking account and an active email address. Rewards members can then use their rewards card like a debit card, since the card is linked to their checking accounts.

Customers can pick up a card anytime and begin enrolling online tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 29.





  1. Ladyvue52 says:

    where do u finish signing up?

  2. Dreichart says:

    Watch out when signing up. When i got my cards the two small ones at the bottom had different account numbers than the big one. If someone is switching the top card with another handout you could have two small cards floating around out there being used by someone else. Thus pulling money from you checking account. Make sure to check you cards to make sure the three match each other.

  3. Gravedigger says:

    something doesnt smell right about this deal. they are only making 5 cents per gallon on the gas but they will give you ten cents per gallon discount. that sounds like a car salesman. this is not a loyalty card, its a credit card. maybe they are hoping you will max the card out and then they will be collecting finance charges.

  4. Pearlie Russell says:

    God did not give us the spirit of fear it’s okay sign up!!

  5. Linda Huffman says:

    The problem is signing up! I’ve tried on line….won’t let it go through…says not safe; I’ve tried by mail…no response; I’ve tried by phone…they won’t take info on the phone. I think it’s just a scam to get you to go inside and buy stuff in the grocery. I’ve gotten as far as them checking with my bank but can’t verify with them. I’ll buy gas some where else.

  6. Having a really hard time signing up and not sure what to do. I got moved over to a Shell card sign up instead of Rickers.

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