White Owl Silver Cigarillos

Ever been asked, “What’s the hottest new flavor?”

Now you have the answer: The hottest new flavor is actually unflavored.

Introducing White Owl Silver Cigarillos.

Unflavored HTL Cigarillos is the fastest growing segment in the cigar category, almost doubling in the last year, according to CMPP 2010 v 2011, Oct. YTD.

White Owl Silver offers four things customers love:
1. 100% freshness guaranteed FoilFresh technology
2. Smooth taste and uncomplicated tobacco enjoyment
3. Fantastic alternative to sweet or flavored cigars
4. Great consumer trail offers

White Owl Silver Cigarillos are the 2012 addition to the popular White Owl Sweets and Green Sweets innovations. White Owl keeps coming up with fresh ideas.

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