Organic Iced Tea

Sweet Leaf Tea is an organic, all-natural iced tea beverage made with high quality tea leaves, real sugar and certified organic ingredients. Everything from the packaging to the ingredients to the branding of the tea is made specifically to be enjoyable no matter where customers consumer it. Flavors include Organic Original Sweet Tea, Organic Lemon Iced Tea, Organic Mint & Honey Green Tea, Organic Peach Iced Tea, Organic Citrus Green Tea, Organic Raspberry Iced Tea, Organic Half & Half Lemonade Tea, Lemon & Lime Unsweet Tea, Diet Original Sweet Tea, Diet Citrus Green Tea and Organic Original Lemonade. The suggested retail price for a Sweet Leaf Tea 16-ounce aluminum can is $1.29. Sweet Leaf Tea is available nationwide at convenience stores, restaurants, supermarkets and grocery stores, including 7 Eleven, Circle K and Whole Foods, among others.
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