Hawaii E-Cigarette Bill Passes Senate Committee

After much debate, an edited e-cigarette bill in Hawaii will not tax e-cigs at the 70% tobacco tax rate, but will restrict sales to minors.

E-cigarette bill, SB2233, was passed by the Hawaii Senate Ways and Means Committee Friday, Feb. 10, after members voted to delete language that would require a 70% tobacco tax on the devices, according to the Hawaii Reporter.

Meanwhile the main portion of the bill, restricting sales of e-cigarettes to minors, remains intact.

Those opposed to requiring a 70% tax on the devices, which deliver vaporized nicotine to users, noted the devices do not contain tobacco, do not emit hazardous or noxious smoke, and could help customers break smoking habits.

A sharp debate lead up to the vote. While all testimony agreed with a ban on selling products to minors, more than 1,000 people and companies protested the tobacco tax on e-cigarettes.

State Health Department Director Loretta Fuddy told members of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, “There is very little known about the long term health effects of the use of e-cigarettes or the vapors given off. Recent studies have shown that within one liquid nicotine cartridge there is enough nicotine to cause serious illness or even death.”

Meanwhile, Cory Smith, president of local retailer Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes, said the product actually helps tobacco smokers quit their habits and produces none of the second-hand smoke issues associated with traditional tobacco cigarettes. He added that taxing e-cigarettes at the 70% tobacco rate would shut down his business and drive customers to the Internet or out-of-state to purchase the devices.





  1. Using e-cigs is the best way to get off tobacco. Nicotine is NOT cancer causing. For people who cannot quit nicotine, vaping with e-cigs is a much safer alternative.
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  2. fdsf

  3. Can’t we just let people decide for themselves on e-cigs? Most reg’s already ban e-cig sales to minors and how can you pass a tobacco tax on something with no tobacco? Classic big government overreach here and see http://www.ecigwerks.blogspot.com for more.

    • costo.ro says:

      You’re right, people should be able to decide for themselves when it comes to e-cigs and the tax was clearly an abuse since e-cigs are definitely not tobacco. They’re a safer way of smoking and I think people should be encouraged to use them. Even so, banning the sale of e-cigs to minors is fair, in my opinion.

  4. I think that it is really a great news for e-smokers. Now they do not need to worry about the price hike of e cigarette.


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  6. It’s sad that the Hawaii’s legislature even considered taxing these life saving alternatives. Yes the liquid used in these products can be dangerous, but the fact is that most users of these consumers have spent their time investigating their proper use for both safety and enjoyment. As intriguing as e-cigs are, they are obviously not toys; the people that use them have not only made an investment in their health, they have made a financial investment also. These things are not cheap.

    Also, besides the nicotine, the major constituents of these liquids, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are used extensively both in the pharmaceutical and food industry. Yes, you probably ingest this stuff…

  7. Naylzma says:

    Where does one find a shop the sells them on Oahu?

  8. Cheddarwiser says:

    Glad they didn’t get the tax, it’s not tobacco anyways. I found mine on this guy’s review site http://www.sneakyreviews.com

  9. Stella Joseph says:

    Many people are recognizing the benefits of e-cigs and are replacing their regular stuff with these. The fact that these are less harmful than real cigarettes and do not produce any second hand smoke work in their favor. However, restricting sales to minors is a good idea though. http://www.smokesation.com

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