Mac’s Rolls Out iSIGN Antennas

Mac’s uses  iSIGN technology to gauge message effectiveness and drive ROI.

Mac’s Convenience Stores Inc. has expanded its partnership with iSIGN Media Solutions Inc., a provider of interactive mobile advertising solutions, to install iSIGN antennas is approximately 900 additional locations.

iSIGN IMS systems are already in place at approximately 500 Mac’s outlets, and mobile interactions from previously installed antennas have surpassed the half-million mark and are growing daily.

Using Bluetooth technology, iSIGN antennas broadcast permission-based, interactive advertising messages to mobile phones within Mac’s signage or location ranges, logging consumer responses to provide real-time metrics.

A consumer-friendly marketing solution that does not result in any charge to mobile device users, iSIGN technology enables Mac’s to gauge message and offer effectiveness and drive ROI. Once completed, the Mac’s chain installation will reach an average of 1.5 million consumers daily and will constitute the world’s largest fully interactive signage network.

In addition, iSIGN is rolling out Smart Antenna installations at select stores that are equipped with SelectCore Ltd. Verifone Point of Sale terminals. This pilot program affords iSIGN the opportunity to expand its advertising content transmission footprint.

“Interest in iSIGN is growing rapidly,” said Alex Romanov, iSIGN’s CEO. “We’re receiving a number of inquiries from advertisers and brands who are interested in a new way to deliver engaging, rich media messages with a response rate of up to 30% at a price that can be 100 times more affordable than traditional marketing messaging.”

Additional advertisers and sponsors are also evaluating how iSIGN software can assist them with delivering relevant, timely content to mobile devices during upcoming major sporting events. iSIGN is now in the negotiation and testing phases with several Canadian cities and municipalities to explore how the company’s digital signage and mobile solutions can meet government organizations’ messaging requirements.

With fast, flexible, interactive messaging technology, iSIGN offers a customizable, scalable solution for any organization that needs to deliver timely, relevant content to handheld devices at no charge to the consumer. The company’s ability to provide real-time, technology-based metrics that enable clients to drive ROI has created a marketplace buzz and poised iSIGN for rapid growth.



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