Burger King Tests Delivery

Customers in the D.C. region can get their Whoppers delivered right to their door.

Burger King is testing delivery at about 10 locations in Maryland and Virginia, the Washington Post reported.

Burger delivery, while a new phenomenon in the U.S. is old-hat in Asia and parts of Europe. Burger King officials told the Washington Post, they aim to translate that success to the American delivery market.

Customers can even order their Burger King meal in these test markets online.

“Pizza is what people think of first when it comes to delivery,” Jonathan Fitzpatrick, Burger King’s chief brand and operations manager told the Washington Post. “But really there is no good burger delivery in the United States. That’s our challenge to try to do that.”

Burger King is targeting busy families with the new service. Its delivery menu features options including 10 cheeseburgers and 20-piece chicken tenders ($14.49), 40-piece chicken tenders and two drinks ($10.99), as well as your standard Whopper combo with fries and a drink ($6.38).

Burger King  selected the D.C. region as a test area because of its array of demographics—it’s urban, suburban and contains time-strapped working families. Burger King is using special thermal packaging to wrap the food and aims to deliver the food hot and fresh to the customer’s door within a half hour.




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