Tesco Deploys Retalix 10 Store Suite

Retalix to present at NRF Show, outlining the future of Tesco’s retail IT strategies.

Tesco Plc. is set to deploy the Retalix next generation store platform following a successful initial pilot of the Retalix 10 Store Suite software.

Tesco, the third largest grocery retailer in the world, has been a Retalix business partner since 1995, and is operating a range of Retalix store solutions across more than 4,000 stores in 11 countries.

“We are delighted with our choice of the Retalix 10 Store Suite, which we plan to implement in all of our stores worldwide,” said Mike McNamara, chief information officer of Tesco Plc. “Retalix 10 will form the foundation of our store technology. Its extensible, service-oriented architecture allows us to add new features and services for our customers at speed.”

“Continuous innovation, operational efficiency and a relentless focus on the customer have helped Tesco become one of the world’s largest and most successful retailers,” McNamara added. “Retalix is one of a very small number of technology companies who we regard as strategic partners in our efforts to improve the shopping trip for our customers.”

“Retalix is proud to be Tesco’s partner of choice for the deployment of their future strategic store platform,” said Shuky Sheffer, CEO of Retalix. “This innovative suite will provide Tesco with the industry–leading solutions that are required to operate in today’s competitive and fast-changing markets. I am positive that Retalix 10 will enable Tesco to deliver a superior and seamless shopper experience, as well as significant benefits of business agility and operational efficiencies, supporting Tesco’s goals. We greatly value our partnership with Tesco, and will continue to be committed to Tesco’s success.”

The Retalix 10 Store and Sales Channels suite is the next-generation store platform from Retalix. Designed around a single software engine, Retalix 10 unifies and streamlines deployment and management of in-store systems, mobile commerce and online storefront channels. The platform ensures a consistent and personalized shopping experience across all touch points and sales channels, which include POS, self-checkout, self-scanning, customer scale, customer kiosk, fuel sales, mobile commerce and e-commerce, as well as a range of store and chain management applications.

The solution’s unique architecture enables high-volume, high complexity retailers to break away from systems requiring integration of disparate ”silos” into a unified  platform for upmost flexibility, accelerated time-to-market and enhanced central management capabilities. This enables a variety of deployment options such as ‘thin store’, ‘thin POS’ or any combination, as well as Cloud readiness, which opens up a new world of lean operations and reduced TCO.

Tesco and Retalix at NRF’s Big Show
McNamara will be presenting a “BIG !deas” session focusing on the future of Tesco’s retail IT strategies. Titled “Tesco is future ready with the next-generation store solution from Retalix,” the presentation will be held on Jan. 17, 2012, at 9:30 a.m. at NRF’s Big Show in the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York.




  1. What a massive contract this must be! Would be interesting to see who they were using before this and if they were unhappy with the service, or simply wanting a change.

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