Supply Chain Solutions

Brink’s has unveiled three new smart supply chain solutions, which incorporate new hardware and technology to streamline payment processing for retailers and financial institutions. 1.) Brink’s CompuSafe Check Imaging. This solution turns currency and checks into digital payment streams to give retailers accelerated access to their cash flow reducing the time for the deposit to be credited. 2.) Cash Room Automation Solution for Retailers.  Brink’s now can integrate third-party cash recycler technology with its cash processing, accelerated credit and secured armored transportation services. 3.) Outsourced Lockbox Solution.  This solution will image the checks and associated remittance documents and then transmit the data to Cash Management Solutions (CMS) Inc. for a seamless process. Each of these solutions helps eliminate the manual and time-consuming processes that are associated with checks and cash, creating a Smart Supply Chain designed that drives efficiencies, lowers risk and optimizes cash inventories.
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  1. Getting ready to open Chugz Town Center Station in Ohio and are trying to decide on currier or self deposit and safe vendors.  Any suggestions

  2. Ben, we are a safe vendor for FireKing.  Check out some of our cash handling safes at  The armored car companies will lock you into a 5 year contract, it is better to own the equipment outright and have the freedom to select your preferred bank/armored car service.

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