Camel SNUS Launches Print Campaign

Smokers have more options today when it comes to tobacco use, and Camel wants customers to know it’s transforming with the times.

Camel SNUS is running a number of print ads that are appearing in dozens of alt-weeklies nationwide this month.

“At a time when adult tobacco consumers may be considering their options, we want to make them aware of a tobacco product that could meet their expectations, Camel SNUS,” said Richard Smith, manager, communications, RAI Services Co./
Reynolds American Inc.

As trends in tobacco use change, Camel is evolving along with them, offering adult smokers more options to consider switching to, like smoke-free Camel SNUS.

“The target for Camel SNUS is the adult tobacco consumer. We also market Camel SNUS as an option for adult smokers to consider switching to. For some time now, we have been presenting Camel SNUS as a smoke-free, spitless option for those who have made the informed decision to use tobacco to do so without bothering others,” said Smith. “As adult tobacco consumers seek new ways to enjoy tobacco, R.J. Reynolds is providing our retail partners a way to be part of this growth story, enabling them to maintain the strength of a very important category within their stores, tobacco — representing 30% or more of in-store sales — while also offering long-term opportunity with innovations like Camel SNUS.”

The ads have a seasonal theme, with messages such as “Let it SNUS,” “2012 Smoke-Free Resolution” and “Season’s Snus’n.”  The ads also encourage customers to take the “Pleasure Switch Challenge,” which is a sweepstakes game that gives customers a chance to win one of 383 $100 Visa gift cards instantly through Dec. 31.



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