Congress Turns Off Spotlight On Lighting Efficiency Standards

As the House and Senate strive to reach a spending deal before a pending government shutdown, the fate of incandescent light bulbs hangs in the balance.

Just a few years after Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi celebrated a new law that would ban the incandescent light bulb, both democrats and republicans have decided to spare the bulb’s fate.

A controversial proposal that would stop the rollout of new lighting efficiency standards remains part of a massive spending deal House and Senate negotiators worked out last night.

Lawmakers in both chambers signed off on the spending deal that would fund the U.S. EPA, the Energy Department, the Interior Department and other agencies for the rest of fiscal 2012.

Votes are expected to occur in both chambers today, Friday, which would narrowly avoid a government shutdown when current funding expires at midnight tonight.



  1. Typical short-sighted bureaucrats!  Incandescent light bulbs use 100 year old technology and are inefficient as nearly 90% of their energy is lost as heat.  Changing to more efficient lighting will save energy, save money and help reduce the need for more power sources.

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