ConocoPhillips Expands Partnership With Heartland Payment Systems

The fuel marketer renews and increases its card processing agreement to include Visa and Mastercard transactions.

ConocoPhillips has signed a five-year contract with Heartland Payment Systems, one of the nation’s largest payments processors.

Under the expanded contract, Heartland Network Services group will continue to authorize debit and credit card transactions and will now also begin settling Visa and MasterCard credit card transactions at ConocoPhillips-branded locations nationwide. The expanded card processing agreement is being supported by a new partnership between Heartland and Barclays Bank Delaware, the U.S. operation of Barclaycard, which will be delivering the payment network sponsorship services for the ConocoPhillips transactions.

 “ConocoPhillips has a longstanding commitment to responsible refining and fuels marketing, just as Heartland has a longstanding commitment to responsible payments processing,” said Bob Carr, Heartland’s chairman and CEO. “We’re proud to continue and expand our 20-year relationship by delivering secure, PCI-compliant network transaction processing services to ConocoPhillips branded locations across the country. In addition, Heartland is pleased to announce our arrangement with Barclays Bank Delaware for the bank sponsorship activities for the ConocoPhillips transactions.”




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