Reduce Dishwashing Costs

Champion Industries, a division of the Ali Group that manufactures versatile commercial dishwashing equipment, introduces two new options on its GENESIS DH-5000, its hooded door machine that reduces cost, improves appearance and increases performance. The DH5000 Direct Vent is an industry exclusive, that allows the unit to vent directly to the outside, removing steam and heat—not conditioned air. The DH5000 Condensate Removal works to remove heat and water vapor at the end of a cycle while recovering the normally exhausted heat and transferring it to the booster. Energy Star Qualified, these machines decrease energy usage for utilities savings, boasting an overall savings of $4,000 per year one and $1,000 per year thereafter. These machines features Champion’s patent pending Tri-Rinse System that puts more water on the dishes where it belongs, keeping the energy and water consumption at low levels.
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