Mansfield Designing First Beverly Hills CNG Fueling Station

“This station will allow the city to continue environmentally-sound initiatives while lowering its annual fuel costs,” says Mansfield president.

Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems (MGES) has been awarded a contract to design, construct and service a new compressed natural gas (CNG) station for the City of Beverly Hills.

The station will be utilized by city vehicles including refuse trucks and light-duty trucks and vans. MGES’ parent company, Mansfield Oil Co., also announced this week they have opened a new operations center in Irvine, Calif.  that will house both a regional refined products team as well as part of their Mansfield Renewable Energy division. Through recent wins by Mansfield Gas Equipment and the opening of an Irvine operations center, Mansfield has effectively positioned itself as a major player in the California energy market.

Mansfield’s project for the City of Beverly Hills was unanimously approved during a recent City Council meeting where MGES Director of Business Development Scott Trimble was on hand to answer questions and review the proposal. The new CNG fueling site, which will begin construction in December 2011, will offer a combination overnight time fill as well as a fast fill component. A five-year service contract has also been awarded that will go into effect following completion of the station.

 “We’re excited to begin working on this project with the City of Beverly Hills,” said Larry Ozier, president of Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems. “We have completed more than 150 CNG station projects, including many for city and county governments. This station will allow the city to continue environmentally-sound initiatives while lowering its annual fuel costs.”

“The City of Beverly Hills is committed to implementing energy projects that support our green initiatives,” a City of Beverly Hills representative commented. “The construction of a CNG station for our natural gas vehicles will allow for more accessible refueling as well as the opportunity to grow our NGV fleet over time.

Mansfield Gas Equipment Systems provided a comprehensive, cost-effective proposal that demonstrates their expertise in the industry and their ability to customize a project to meet a customer’s needs.”

MGES’ City of Beverly Hills site is expected to open in late spring 2012 and will be the first CNG fueling station within Beverly Hills city limits.



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