C-Store Foodservice Shopper MegaStudy Released

Over 600,000 convenience store trips analyzed to understand the in-store behavior related to foodservice as part of syndicated national program.

VideoMining Corp., a provider of in-store intelligence for retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers, has released a report called C-Store Foodservice Shopper MegaStudy.

The report is part of an ongoing national syndicated program, C-Store Shopper Insights (CSI) by VideoMining in cooperation with several retailers including Circle K, AM/PM, Sheetz and Cumberland Farms.

The study focuses on providing a deeper understanding of in-store behavior relative to foodservice and quantifies the role of foodservice in overall store performance. The study also aims to evaluate the impact of different components of foodservice – coffee & hot dispensed beverages, fountain drinks, frozen dispensers, self serve grill, bakery, pre-packaged food, and made-to-order food—in influencing shopper behavior and provide a foundational learning on the productivity of each component.

Some of the key questions answered from this study are:

·         What is the impact of foodservice on c-store performance? How does it vary within a day?

·         What is the impact of foodservice location (front of the store vs. back of the store, etc.) on shopper exposure and engagement levels?

·         How often is foodservice a primary trip driver as opposed to any other category? What are the differences in shopping patterns when foodservice is not the primary mission?

·         What is the contribution of each component of foodservice (like coffee & hot dispensed beverages, self serve grill, pre-packaged food, etc.) to overall category performance? How does shopper behavior vary between different components of foodservice?

·         How often is foodservice paired with other category products? What is the cross-influence on other category sales? Which categories are most often paired?

·         How much time did shoppers spend in foodservice in relation to the total time spent in-store?

The research employed VideoMining’s breakthrough in-store measurement and analytics technology in a carefully selected sample of c-stores in 11 U.S. markets to quantitatively analyze every moment of convenience store trips. The large behavioral data set when integrated with transaction data provides unprecedented visibility into the path-to-purchase of c-store shoppers and factors that impact purchase decisions.

“With the Foodservice playing an increasingly critical role in the convenience store business, it is crucial to integrate shopper insights into the strategies for foodservice merchandising and marketing.” said Dr. Rajeev Sharma, founder and CEO of VideoMining. “This study provides the foundational learning for both retailers and suppliers in the foodservice ecosystem.”





  1. Larry Bowling says:

    How do we get a copy of the survey results?

  2. Sounds like a great read.  You can send me a copy as well at:grocerant@q.com

  3. Joe ferron says:

    How may I get a copy of the report?

  4. Interesting article. It would be nice if you included information on how to obtain the survey results. link to original source.


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