BP, Miller Oil Co. Fight Child Abuse

A donation of $20,000 benefits CHKD’s child abuse program. 

BP Oil presented a $20,000 check to support CHKD’s child abuse program thanks to encouragement from Miller Oil, a longtime child abuse program supporter.

From left: Stephanie Calliott and Jane Hollingsworth of CHKD, Heidi Huff of BP and Lindsay Pryor and Jeff Miller of Miller Oil.

CHKD’s child abuse program coordinates the efforts of all professionals involved in an abuse or neglect case, including representatives from Child Protective Service, the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office, detectives from local police departments, and medical and mental health professionals.

Its specially trained professionals conduct more than 650 forensic interviews each year that seek to establish whether abuse has occurred and provide expert testimony in more than 100 child abuse cases annually.

In addition, psychologists with CHKD’s child abuse program provide intensive therapy to victims of child abuse, as well as siblings. Because few of these services are reimbursed, the program depends on philanthropy.

“We cannot express how grateful we are to donors such as BP and Miller Oil whose generosity has helped us improve the lives of children in desperate need of help,” said Stephanie Adler Calliott, CHKD’s senior vice president of community relations.




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